Floor Levelling Compound

Rapid Drying patching and Smoothing Compound
Rapid Drying patching and Smoothing CompoundFloor Levelling Compound

Feather Finish

Rapid Drying patching and Smoothing Compound




FEATHER FINISH drys rapidly and provides a high bond to concrete, plywood, cement / sand screeds, existing sub-floor smoothing compounds and even existing ceramic tiles without the use of primers. Use FEATHER FINISH for patching, filling and feather finishing, daywork joints, ridges, gouges, depressions, uneven trowel marks, etc., in the sub-floor, as well as smoothing joints between staggered plywood sheets.


  • Floorcoverings can be installed after as little as 15 minutes
  • True feather edge allows for greater coverage
  • Cost effective - up to 50 m2 coverage per 11 kg bag
  • Exceptional bond to plywood, concrete, smoothing compounds, terrazzo and ceramic tiles without the need to prime
  • Easy to mix and apply,just add water
  • Can be applied at a minimal thickness if a thin smooth surface is required

Physical Properties

Feather Finish @ 27± 1oC

Pot Life12minutes
Be sure to mix only the amount of FEATHER FINISH you can use within the pot life and no FINISH you can use within the pot life and no
more. DO NOT add additional water.

Coverage Estimates

Pack sizeCoverage

11kg When used to smooth a plywood sub-floor, will give up to approximately 5O mof coverage when a skim coat is applied .

Thicker applications will reduce coverage, e.g. 10 mat a 1mm  Thickness. A 5kg bag will cover 4.5 m2 at 1mm thick, or approximately 22.5 m2 as a scratch coat.

Note: The coverage figure is based on a flat level surface, additional material should be allowed for where the surface is rough or uneven.

Storage and Shelf Life

FEATHER FINISH has a shelf life of 6 months when stored in normal dry conditions.