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High performance, fibre reinforced, highly deformable tile/stone adhesive


High polymer modified, off-white coloured adhesive specifically formulated to have enhanced properties of slip resistance and deformability necessary for fixing tile and stone on substrates that are subjected to deformation and/or vibrations. The fibre reinforcement further increases the bond strength and impedes the crack propagation in the composite material.

ArdiFlex S2 is used for fixing ceramic, vitrified & fully vitrified tiles, glass mosaic, porcelain, terrazzo, metal or glass tiles, non staining natural stone and engineered stone. The set adhesive is water-resistant and suitable for use in swimming pools.


• Fibre reinforced for high performance and strength
• Highly deformable׃ accommodates differential movement of the covering and substrate
• Good slip resistance required for fixing large format wall tiles
• Extended open time
• Bed thickness upto 15mm ׃ suitable for tiling on uneven substrates
• Excellent bond to various building materials
• Excellent water and frost resistance
• Excellent tensile & shear adhesion
• Easy mixing, smooth application & better workability
• Conforms to EN 12004 : 2017 of class C2TES2
• Complies with the requirements of IS 15477 : 2004 Type 2


Approximately 3.0 kg/m² using a 6mm x 6mm square notch trowel

Pack size

50 kg

CONSUMPTION CALCULATOR – Please refer to the Technical Datasheet of the product.

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