Basement Waterproofing – HDPE Membrane

The building structure is divided mainly into two. First being sub-structure (structures below the ground level, like a raft, footings, base slab, retaining wall, lift pit, piles, pile head, connecting beams, etc.,) and the second, superstructure (above the ground level. Like podium, balcony, terrace area, etc.,). Since the entire load of the superstructure is transformed to the sub-structure, this is the most important part of the structure and needs to be in good condition, durable and sustainable for a long time. Normally, substructures are called as ‘basement’ structure.

The basement structure tends to get damaged because of the situation it is situated. i.e., below the ground level. There, level of water, pressure of rising water, moisture ingress into the structure, chemicals in the soil, root of the plant/trees, heat in the soil, movement, etc., are the main causes failing the sub-structure; but, can be sorted out by the process of waterproofing treatment. Waterproofing treatment means, making the structure waterproof or water-resistant using Waterproof chemicals like liquid applied or sheet applied membranes.

In basements, the liquid waterproofing membrane system  is difficult if a substrate is damp from water as it inhibits the bond. On the other hand, Sheet applied membranes which are self-adhesive or installed using adhesive also faces the same problem.  If the retaining wall is confined (blindsided with no space between the soil and the structure), no chance of doing positive side waterproofing using these products.

The best product is the one, which can be loosely laid before the raft / horizontal surfaces, and after the installation, the membrane should get bonded to the basement structure. This will completely cease the movement of water between the membrane and the structure, creating a building envelope.

ARDEX ENDURA provides HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) membrane, WPM 3000 BG, a unique composite sheet, comprising of the HDPE backing layer, a pressure-sensitive adhesive membrane, and trafficable weather-resistant protective granular layer. The membrane firmly bonds to the poured concrete preventing ingress or migration of water around the structure. As the mass of the structural concrete increases during the concrete pour, the pressure-sensitive self-adhesive membrane is ‘activated’ and forms a continuous adhesive bond with the concrete poured against it. This results in excellent adhesion through the development of substantial inter-molecular forces.

WPM 3000 BG can be used for Basement waterproofing, Tunnels, Subways, Swimming pools, Lift pits, as Methane gas barrier and at Landscape areas, as it has got the following features:

  1. It can be applied to a variety of substrates including compacted earth, concrete, and formwork.
  2. Resistance to water migration: eliminates water and vapor migration by forming a strong mechanical bond to the concrete structure with watertight laps.
  3. Superior barrier: acts as a barrier against aggressive ground salts, toxic contaminants, and chemicals including methane gas, which may attempt to enter the structure through cracks in the concrete.
  4. Good crack protection: stress-absorbing and elongation properties to maintain a watertight seal to the structure if cracks develop in the base material or the slab
  5. It is a weather-resistant and trafficable membrane.
  6. Quick and Easy application׃ no primers or protection material required
  7. Flexible material that adapts to job site irregularities for ease of installation

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