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EG pro

EG pro

High Performance Epoxy Tile Grout


EG Pro is a two component, epoxy based tile grout available in a range of colours and suitable for all types of tiles and stones on the floor and wall. It has high chemical & abrasion resistance, and being impervious, it also produces hygienic joints that needs minimal maintenance. It is easy to apply and clean off, combining the performance of epoxy grouts with the ease of application associated with cement based grouts


Available in a range of colours


  • Non sag
  • Hygienic and chemical resistant
  • Stain and bacterial resistant
  • Can be cleaned off in 15 minutes and up to 60 minutes after application
  • Provides high strength and durable joints
  • Suitable for submerged conditions
  • Extremely easy to apply and to be cleaned from tiled surface


Consumption depend on joint width, size of tiles

Pack size

1kg & 5kg Set