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FH 20

FH 20

Non metallic floor hardener


FH 20 is a pre-mix blended powder containing hydraulic binders and special wear resistance mineral aggregates. It is used as a dry shake over fresh, wet concrete to provide a dense, non-porous surface which is extremely hardwearing and abrasion resistant. FH 20 provides a slip floor resistant surface which will never rust and disintegrate.


• Hard wearing and abrasion resistance: provides highly durable floor
• Non metallic: does not rust or stain
• Good monolithic bond with base concrete
• Provides a non-slip surface
• Dense surface: increased resistance to ingress of oil and grease.
• Floor available for full service once concrete is cured.


Application Rate (kg/m²)            Traffic Use               Avg. wear

6.8 kg – 7 kg                                Heavy                     < 2 mm
4.7 kg – 5 kg                               Medium                    2 – 3.5 mm
2.8 kg – 3 kg                              Light                        3.5 – 4 mm

Pack size

25 kg

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