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K 80

K 80

Rapid Drying Industrial Topping / Wearing Surface


K 80 is a specially formulated cement-based compound for resurfacing and levelling existing concrete floors to give a hard, smooth, flat, wearing surface or as a base for suitable paint and resin coatings.

K 80 Industrial Floor System provides this ideal combination of toughness, low maintenance, ease of application and high durability coupled with the incorporation of the unique ARDEX ENDURA ‘Rapidry Formula’. Due to the ‘Rapidry Formula’ chemically binding the mixed water, the K 80 literally dries within itself at the same time as it rapidly develops strength. When mixed with water, K 80 produces a fluid self-levelling mortar which can be applied by trowel or pump as a floor finish from 5 mm – 10 mm.


• COST EFFECTIVE – topping system available
• STRONG – withstands heavy wheeled traffic and has excellent abrasion resistance
• DURABLE – produces wearing surfaces in commercial and industrial areas
• USER FRIENDLY – K 80 can be installed from 5 mm – 10 mm over existing concrete surfaces
• VERSATILE – can receive a range of surface finishes including suitable resin coatings, tiles and natural stone
• Rapidry Formula


Approximately 3.0 m² @ 5 mm thickness

Pack size

25 kg

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