Podium/Terrace Garden Waterproofing

Garden at Podium / terrace area is fully or partially covered with soil planted out with vegetation that has been applied over a composite drainage on the waterproofing system. A podium / terrace garden provides environmental benefits like:

  1. Terrace garden reduces external noise to the building interior and increases thermal insulation to the building interior.
  2. Reduces consumption of electrical / gas / coal related energy requirements for the building.
  3. Reduces storm water runoff from roof catchment areas of the building.
  4. Helps to purify the immediate atmosphere by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen adjacent to the building.
  5. Creates an aesthetic outlook and / or recreation space to a roof area of a building.

Roof waterproofing is constantly exposed to weathering elements – sun, wind, rain, etc., for the most part, water buildup will be made to drain off from the roof by providing proper slope. Their remedial construction, whether it is removal or replacement, can be accomplished utilising routine construction methods with (in most cases) minor inconveniences in the building due to ease of accessibility to the roof.

Podium / Terrace garden waterproofing products are not exposed to weathering elements. However, they are exposed to constant water buildup and soil chemicals. Properly applied waterproofing systems can have a service life that matches the life of the building. This is an important characteristic, because unlike roofing materials, the waterproofing materials are inaccessible and the expenses associated with repairs and replacement are substantial primarily due to excavation costs.

The Roof Garden
Rooftop garden construction consists of four important components:

  1. Waterproofing membrane.
  2. Protection board.
  3. Drainage Medium
  4. Filter Fabric




  1. Waterproofing Membrane

The waterproofing membrane is the major component in this type of construction. The membrane material must possess the ability to prevent moisture from entering the facility. This key element should take precedence in the system design over plant type and layout. The membrane must be durable enough to resist mechanical damage from the penetration of plant roots, and last without repair or replacement for the life of the building.  It is imperative that the membrane meets the highest material standards.

Rooftop gardens require a waterproofing membrane that meets the following characteristics:
•    Resists root penetration, but does not hampers the growth.
•    Is flexible to meet building movements.
•    Can withstand attacks by microorganisms and soil chemicals.
•    Can stay in place over an indefinite life span without deterioration.
•    Prevents water penetration.
•    Can remain submerged in wet conditions for substantial periods of time.

  1. Protection Board
    The protection board is installed over the waterproofing membrane and serves as the protective barrier of the membrane during garden construction. The protection board also protects the membrane from damage by garden tools and mechanical equipment. This material should be hard, strong and durable.
  1. Drainage Medium
    The drainage medium is installed above the protection board and consists of a rot-proof material that allows the water to flow through to the substrate drains. This is a critical component, which must be compatible with the filter fabric and the planting medium. Successful roof drainage systems reduce the blockage of water and assist in the elimination of excess water on the system.
  1. Filter Fabric
    The filter fabric is installed over the drainage medium to prevent the loss of soil, mulch or plant debris while allowing for the flow of moisture to the drains and keeping the drains unclogged. The filter fabric also keeps the planting medium in place. A durable filter fabric can serve as a root barrier protecting the roof membrane.


ARDEX ENDURA provides, WPM 810, single Elastomeric, single component, polyurethane based cold liquid applied waterproofing membrane for Podium/Terrace Garden Waterproofing including planter box. The important features of WPM 810 as follows:

  • Non Toxic: eco friendly coating
  • Seamless cold-applied membrane: eliminates lapping, seaming, and pre-cutting
  • Highly flexible: can accommodate movements and vibrations
  • Root Resistant
  • Outstanding barrier properties: ensures protection against corrosive soil conditions
  • Thermally stable: irreversible chemical cure, eliminates melting and flow at high temperature
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete substrates
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation
  • Good chemical resistance to most weak acids and alkali, water borne salts and sea water


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