R 213 CE

R 213 CE

Epoxy modified cementitious self smoothing floor screed (2 – 4mm)


R 213 CE is a specialist applied, self-smoothing, epoxy modified cementitious floor screed with excellent resistance to wear and abrasion. R 213 CE can be applied over damp concrete and also in areas that are in close proximity to water. Ideally suited in areas where a seamless, joint free finish is required and maximum cleanliness is essential. Diaries, Breweries, Clean rooms and areas continuously exposed to water are just some of the environments that can benefit from this system.

When over coated with epoxy coating the chemical resistance properties are enhanced. It is also suited for the areas where high hygiene is required.


• Solvent free: Non toxic and safe to use indoors
• Moisture tolerant: Can be applied on damp concrete substrates
• Good self-smoothing property
• Provides combined strength of both cement & epoxy
• Hard wearing, durable with low maintenance cost
• Resistance to wide range of chemicals
• Seamless : easily cleaned to maintain high standards of hygiene
• Compatible with resin based overlays


R 213 CE Primer
Approximately 25 m²/coat/kit

R 213 CE
Approximately 6.25 m²/pack @ 2mm thickness

Pack size

R 213 CE Primer
2.50 kg

R 213 CE
26.25 kg