Rubber Waterproofing Membrane For Terrace

There are many times of waterproofing products & systems such as Sheet Applied Membranes Waterproofing, Liquid Waterproofing Membrane, crystalline systems, etc., available in the market for Terrace waterproofing. But not all are equal and it’s essential to carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each product/system before it is considered to be adopted. Selection of a wrong type of waterproofing could lead to major problems.

Terrace is the last highest level of building and faces extreme heat, cold, rain and other climatic conditions. Building roof can be of either RCC slab, pre-cast panels, Metal decks, Glass fibers sheets, etc. Some Architects even go for terrace gardens for architectural views.

Structure terrace area, if it is already facing the water leakage problem because of developed cracks, then it is very difficult to treatment the problematic area, or doing rectifications. If the structure is old, then breaking, removing, cut opening the damaged or weak surface, process weaken structural integrity. In waterproofing of large structural area like, landscape-podium area or large terrace area, movement of the structure is expected. In all these scenarios, rubber membrane is best waterproofing membrane. These membranes are best membrane to precast panel building as the membrane is tough and strong to bridge and accommodate the building panel movement, without membrane tearing. Rubber membranes can also be used in lining of various artificial water bodies such as canals, reservoirs, artificial lakes, fish hatcheries, etc.,

ARDEX ENDURA provides sheet applied rubber waterproofing membrane called BUTYNOL is manufactured by combining the petroleum gases isobutylene and isoprene at the extremely low temperature of –100 Deg C (Rubber Technology–Morton). 

What is the special about this over other product available in the market? Here are some unique points about BUTYNOL:

  1. Butynol Roofing Membrane has been issued with BRANZ Appraisal Certificate No 436 (2003).
  2. Exposed grade – Abrasion resistant – Hardness of 65±5
  3. Ozone resistant – ARDEX Butynol is resistant to colour fade and can be painted as per colour choice.
  4. Potable water AS4020 certificate approved – usable as pond liner.
  5. Durable & sustainable – 20 years ARDEX warranty.
  6. Thermal conductive & Conductive resistant – Usable as waterproofing for underground structure.
  7. Thermal stable – resistance to elongation by 70%.
  1. Resists tearing / flex cracking / Crack bridging – 300% elongation.
  2. Low VCO – 30 g/l
  3. Temperature resistance – 80 to -40 Deg C.
  4. Easy and safe to install – Cold applied membrane.
  5. Can be installed in loosely laid system, if load like soil filling at landscape areas.

DAMP AND WEATHERPROOFING: The Building Code of Australia Deemed-to Satisfy Provisions F1.9 and F1.10 are met by Butynol as an acceptable dampproof course. Butynol when used as described in ABSAC Technical Opinion 188 August 1994 complies with the Building Code of Australia Deemed-to Satisfy

Provision F1.7(b) and Acceptable Construction Manual Part, or AS 3740

FIRE RATING: The Butynol roofing system must be considered combustible but may be used on buildings for all purpose groups, subject to the requirements of NZBC Acceptable Solution C/AS1 Part 7, Paragraph 7.11.1

When used for roofs in Purpose Groups SC and SD a non-combustible substrate or timber 18mm thick is acceptable. Refer 7.11.1.

Building Code of Australia allows use in all building types under Specification C1.10, Clause 7(e), except in bush fire prone areas.

In-Service History: ARDEX Butynol (roofing system) has been manufactured in Christchurch since 1962 and has been applied to many iconic and long-standing buildings such as the Christchurch Town Hall and the Christchurch Airport completed in 2013.




Our industry, like any other, requires on-going training to keep up with the changes in legislation/standards and materials. Our purpose-built training facility enables us to offer a range of demonstrations and seminars that can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring total confidence in the specification and subsequent on-site application. The academy allows you to learn about new technologies including ‘Industry best practices for Tiling, Waterproofing, Concrete Repair and Flooring’ along with Technical guidance and product information.

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Rubber Waterproofing Membrane For Terrace

Rubber Waterproofing Membrane For Terrace