Tile Cleaners

Why Tile Cleaning is Important

A clean tile floor can make a great first impression on so many people. If you don’t treat the floor with immense care, that can reflect poorly. Dirty or grimy floors can have a poor representation. There are several advantages that a great tile cleaning and maintenance can offer:

  • Extends the lifespan of your floor
  • Keeps the floor looking great
  • Kills Bacteria and other Harmful Germs

Floors need to be considered an investment. The fact is, a ceramic tile floor lasts 75-100 years. A stone floor lasts 100 years or more. It takes regular cleaning and maintenance to keep floors looking nice and undamaged & also for it to last a lifetime.

A routine of daily sweeping with a dust mop or vacuum for hard surfaces needs to be developed prior to the use of cleaners.

Unglazed tile can be cleaned routinely with concentrated tile cleaners with a neutral pH for safe regular use. These cleaners are better suited for removing grease, oils, and normal spills. Again, these products will vary depending on the application, amount of traffic and the use of the area.

Glazed tiles if cleaned using liquid detergents, can leave a visible residue on the surface, which takes away from the beauty of the high-gloss finish. Hence, clean glazed tile with an all-purpose, low VOC, household/commercial cleaner in one go. After cleaning, rinse the tiles over with clean water and dry them with a cloth rather than air-drying. This will give the tiles a sparkling finish free of watermarks and streaks.

The cleaners chosen should also be grout joint cleaning compatible. A cotton mop, cloth, or sponge should be used to apply and agitate cleaner. Rinse the area with clean water and dry thoroughly.

Tile Care & Maintenance

What does it do if the tiles are not maintained regularly

Whenever you mop floors, or even when your family walks around all areas of the house, walls of dirt build-up in the gaps that are naturally found on tile flooring. Taking care of this issue, as it occurs, is way easier than waiting for “films of dirt” to transform into “layers of dirt.” You do not want weeks or months of dirty build-up covering your tile floors.



There are other microorganisms /bacteria that are also highly present on household surfaces. Many of these bacteria travel from different surfaces in everyday environments, simply by means of contact.

Although most bacteria are not dangerous, there are harmful strains that can survive and reproduce on commonly used surfaces. These bacteria can cause stains, odours, and even illness in humans. Controlling bacterial growth on a surface often requires demanding cleaning processes and the use of tile cleaners.

Nothing beats the natural beauty of stone, but due to its porous properties, natural stone tiles require periodic maintenance to ensure they remain well protected and clean. First, when you’re faced with removing tough stains and dirt, particularly in commercial kitchens or high-traffic areas, choose the right cleaning product to get the best results.

Despite the hard exterior of natural stone, standard cleaning agents may be too acidic and can remove the sealer or damage the stone itself. With this in mind, choose the right cleaner for   natural stone, including polished marble, slate, granite, and limestone, all popular choices for commercial spaces and also mild enough to use on stones/porous tiles

Porcelain and ceramic are often go-to tile types for commercial environments as they’re hard-wearing and require minimal upkeep – making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

High-gloss tiles are notorious for showing watermarks, grease, grime, and even fingerprints, so they need to be well maintained to have them looking pristine at all times. When it comes to cleaning and maintaining tiles in any environment, do feel free to talk to the specification / technical managers of manufacturers and follow the instructions.


A care for your tiles from Ardex Endura

NON ACIDIC CLEANER Fast acting, non-acidic, concentrated, wall and floor tile / stone cleaner. The special formulation removes dirt, grease and stains from tiled surfaces. Anti-bacterial, provides hygienically clean surroundings and shields against MICROBE. It can be used in interior situations such as Operation theatres, Walls & Floors, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Countertops.



MARBLE & STONE CLEANER is a highly effective cleaner designed specially for removal of lime scale & for everyday maintenance of tiles, marbles, natural stones, etc. Ideal for regular maintenance of heavily trafficked areas such as shopping malls, hotels etc.






HEAVY DUTY TILE CLEANER is designed for removal of cement film residues, efflorescence and most oxide stains. It may also be used as general purpose cleaner on other acid resistant surface. This can be used for interior and exterior ceramic tiled floors and walls.




POWER CLEAN powerful, degreasing cleaner designed to remove grime, oil and other stains commonly encountered in residential and commercial establishments. Power Clean does not affect the glaze of the applied surface and does not damage the grout applied between the tiles.





Our industry, like any other, requires on-going training to keep up with the changes in legislation/standards and materials. Our purpose-built training facility enables us to offer a range of demonstrations and seminars that can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring total confidence in the specification and subsequent on-site application. The academy allows you to learn about new technologies including ‘Industry best practices for Tiling, Waterproofing, Concrete Repair and Flooring’ along with Technical guidance and product information.

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