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High Build, Exposed Grade Waterproof Coating


WPM 007 RoofKote is an acrylic based, high build coating developed for use as an exposed grade, weather resistant, waterproofing of old & new roofs. The coating is elastomeric to expand & contract with the substrate and prevent development of hairline cracks.
WPM 007 RoofKote can be applied directly on sound brickbat coba or cement screed thereby avoiding the risk of damage associated with removing of existing overlays. It is available in different colours to monitor correct thickness of each coat and to have a preferred finish colour


  • High build to provide 1mm in three coats.
  • Can be applied either by Roller or Brush
  • Excellent resistance to re-emulsifying due to stagnant water (ponding) on flat roof/terraces due to continuous heavy rains.
  • Flexible: accommodates normal building movements and hairline cracks
  • Abrasion resistant: Non-slip and suitable for light foot traffic.
  •  Long-term Durability: UV Resistant
  • No protection required eliminating additional layers
  • Eco friendly: Non-Toxic water based system
  • Allows water vapour to escape from the substrate.


1.95 – 2.0 kgs/m2 in 3 coats to obtain 1mm DFT
(0.65 kgs/m2 /coat)

Pack size

5 & 20 Kgs


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