WPM 3000 BG

Composite, blindside HDPE membrane


WPM 3000 BG is a unique composite sheet, comprising of a HDPE backing layer, a pressure sensitive adhesive membrane and trafficable weather resistant protective granular layer. The membrane firmly bonds to the poured concrete preventing ingress or migration of water around the structure.

As the mass of the structural concrete increases during the concrete pour, the pressure sensitive self-adhesive membrane is ‘activated’ and forms a continuous adhesive bond with the concrete poured against it. This results in excellent adhesion through the development of substantial inter-molecular forces.


WPM 3000 DSA – Double Sided Adhesive Tape – 100mm x 10m
WPM 3000 BT – HDPE based Butt Joint Tape – 160mm x 20m
WPM 3000 ST – HDPE based Sanded Tape – 100mm x 20m


• Can be applied to a variety of substrates including compacted earth, concrete and formwork.
• Resistance to water migration: eliminates water and vapor migration by forming a strong mechanical bond to the concrete structure
• Superior barrier: acts as a barrier against aggressive ground salts, toxic contaminants and chemicals including methane gas, which may attempt to enter the structure through cracks in the concrete
• Fully-adhering, watertight laps
• Good crack protection: stress-absorbing and elongation properties to maintain a watertight seal to the structure if cracks develop in the base material or the slab
• Weather resistant
• Trafficable
• Easy application׃ no primers or protection material required
• Flexible material that adapts to jobsite irregularities for ease of installation


Length – 20m
Width – 1.0m
Thickness – 1.2mm
Note: Other thickness and lengths can be customized based on project requirements.