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Pure Polyurea Waterproofing

One of the most frequent problems faced in construction is the protection of the building elements (pavements, façades, roofs, underground walls and facings) against penetration by water and other liquids (acids, alkalis, …) which attack mortars, concrete, rebars, coatings, etc.

Water has a great capacity for dissolution and transport of liquids, solids and gases and a low surface tension which gives it great capacity for wetting and penetration. As an aggressive agent, it can cause oxidation of reinforcement, stains, thermal bridges, dissolution of salts, formation of efflorescence, growth of microorganisms, etc. In cases where avoiding the presence of water is not feasible, it is essential to waterproof substrates to ensure that surfaces do not come into contact with water, which can end up penetrating the substrate.

Waterproofing membranes are only effective when the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • Adhesion to the substrate is maintained over time.
  • The coating has sufficient thickness to ensure that it remains monolithic with the substrate and to ensure continuity of protection.
  • When required, the membrane provides deformability/elasticity/flexibility which is compatible with the substrate under conditions of use.
  • The properties remain stable while in permanent contact with the fluid.
  • Chemical and physical resistances are sufficient to substrate conditions of use.
  • Resistance to aging can be maintained over the long term.

Polyurea coating technology constitutes a more recent and advanced system than the traditional ones used in waterproofing and protective coating applications.

The technology is based on the reaction of an isocyanate component with an amine blend. The isocyanate can be of aromatic or aliphatic composition. This reaction is rapid, proceeding to completion within a few seconds, thus requiring specialized mixing and application equipment to be used by a specialized application crew.

Major advantages-properties of all Polyurea based products

  • Ultra-fast curing. Return to service or to further procession comes many times faster than traditional coatings. Gel time is achieved within seconds, allowing foot traffic after a few minutes, so the facility could be back in use in less than one day.
  • Impressive chemical resistance and exceptional mechanical properties like elongation, tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance and crack-bridging ability. Almost no coating can compare to Polyurea when it comes to attainable physical properties.
  • Insensitivity to humidity during application. Polyurea is hydrolytically stable so relative humidity or residual moisture have little to no effect on adhesion or coating performance.
  • Thermal stability to temperature variations. Weather variations hardly influence coating performance or adhesion properties.
  • Solvent free, consisting of a 100% solids formula. Polyurea products are considered environmentally friendly.
  • Rapidly applied with a special two-component, high-pressure and temperature spray machine.
  • Monolithic, seamless membrane after curing. Polyurea membranes have high resistance even to heavy mechanical or chemical loads. Furthermore, these membranes are vapour permeable, preventing moisture accumulation.
  • Applicable also on vertical and curved surfaces. Complicated architectural structures and details can be coated in almost any desired thickness, without sagging.
  • Relatively unlimited application thickness in one pass.
  • Good adhesion to a variety of different substrates (concrete, metals, wood etc.) even under high humidity and extreme temperatures.

Due to the fast cure speed of polyurea, all of this can be accomplished in a single day. Typically, the new floor is ready for foot traffic within 4 to 6 hours and for vehicle traffic within 24 hours.

Properties Polyurethane Epoxy Pure Polyurea VIP QuickSpray
Working times Fast Slow Extremly fast (5 seconds to 15 seconds)
Atmospheric Moisture sensitivity Yes Yes No, moisture insensitive
Elongation 1000% Tend to get brittle Upto 1000% (Flexible with high tensile strength so does no crack)
Colour stability Average, yellowing Average, yellowing Aromatics: average
Aliphatics: 100% UV resistant and colour stable
Abrasion resistance >15 mg, 500g/1000 cycles (ASTM D-4060) < 6mg, 500g/1000 cycles (ASTM D-4060) < 6mg, 500g/1000 cycles (ASTM D-4060)
Superior tensile strength About 8-10 N/mm2 15-20 N/mm2 More than 20N/mm2
Chemical resistance Good Very good Excellent (Can resist upto 20% H2SO4 also)
VOC free No No Yes (Ecofriendly)
Temperature resistance From -30°C to +120°C From -20°C to +110°C From -50°C to +150°C
Seamless No No Yes, unlimited mil thickness with one layer
Coverage Different Different Average 1L = 1sqm = 1mm
Durability Good Average Excellent
Solid Content 50-100% 50-100% 100%


SEIRE is a part of the ARDEX group of companies specialised in manufacturing of waterproofing and sealing products.

SEIRE WP 400 is a highly elastic, abrasion and chemical resistant, PURE polyurea waterproofing liquid membrane, hot applied using a heated airless bi-mixer equipment. Once dry it forms a continuous waterproof membrane, without joints or overlaps or need of reinforcement. SEIRE WP 400 has a permanent high elasticity and chemical resistance, even at low temperatures and able to absorb movements of the support.


Our industry, like any other, requires on-going training to keep up with the changes in legislation/standards and materials. Our purpose-built training facility enables us to offer a range of demonstrations and seminars that can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring total confidence in the specification and subsequent on-site application. The academy allows you to learn about new technologies including ‘Industry best practices for Tiling, Waterproofing, Concrete Repair and Flooring’ along with Technical guidance and product information.

For the latest and most up to date information and advice, visit the ARDEXENDURAacademy centres across India (Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, etc.,). For Flooring Contractors and applicators committed to providing a high level of workmanship, ARDEX ENDURA helps them to increase both their professionalism and productivity.

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