Adhesive For Resilient Floor Installations

Selecting a luxury vinyl flooring product to include in your project is as much about installation and application as it is about style and design aesthetics. After all, the installation method you choose is critical for the intended application or environment.

Using quality adhesives for your vinyl floors will not only make your project go quicker, it will also help it to last longer and look better. Also, adhesives used during flooring installation represent a significant source of VOC emissions into the air. When talking about indoor air quality, we need to consider the crucial role played by the Resilient Floor Adhesives. The use of low emitting products can provide effective protection against emissions that can significantly affect our comfort of living and – in the worst case – even our health.

Many adhesive, sealants or coatings emit (“off-gas”) VOCs during and after installation. Some VOCs are odorous, irritating, or toxic. It is important to select products whose emissions are low and the least hazardous or offensive. Especially the gases emanating from freshly applied lacquers and paints, adhesives, insulation systems and other building materials can cause an alarming rise in the concentration of harmful VOCs in the air that can persist for days after the materials have been installed.

The EMICODE issued by the GEV (Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Floor Installation, Adhesives and Building Materials) has meanwhile evolved into an internationally recognized guidance and quality standard for low-emission products. Among professional craftsmen, planners and tenderers, the certification “EMICODE” is regarded as the highest quality seal for low-emitting building products.

What does the GEV EMICODE promise?

  • Greatest possible assurance of indoor air quality
  • Long-term health protection
  • High environmental compatibility

Based on the behavior of the VOC, if meeting the EMICODE criteria, classified in 3 categories by the GEV:

  1. EMICODE EC1 PLUS – very low emission
  2. EMICODE EC1 – Best class low emission
  3. EMICODE EC2 – low emission products

Below is the brief table explain GEV requirements for Floor installation products:

For project management or construction team, EMICODE certified products, provides much more points for Green building and LEED certifications.


Looking for optimum adhesion with GEV EMICODE certified products like vinyl adhesive Or vinyl adhesive glue? ARDEX resilient and timber Flooring Adhesives including Primers and Cementitious SLC and screeds are your best choice. Whether it’s mosaic parquet, industrial parquet, LVT, carpet or linoleum, ARDEX has the specialist products for these and many other floor coverings. They not only offer perfect adhesion but are also free of solvents and extremely low on emissions. Below is the table for your quick selection:


Our industry, like any other, requires on-going training to keep up with the changes in legislation/standards and materials. Our purpose-built training facility enables us to offer a range of demonstrations and seminars that can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring total confidence in the specification and subsequent on-site application. The academy allows you to learn about new technologies including ‘Industry best practices for Tiling, Waterproofing, Concrete Repair and Flooring’ along with Technical guidance and product information.

For the latest and most up to date information and advice, visit the ARDEXENDURAacademy centres across India (Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, etc.,). For Flooring Contractors and applicators committed to providing a high level of workmanship, ARDEX ENDURA helps them to increase both their professionalism and productivity.

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Adhesive For Resilient Floor Installations

Adhesive For Resilient Floor Installations