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B 31

B 31

High Early & Ultimate Strength, cementitious, structural precision grout


B 31 is an advanced, cementitious, structural grout with high early & ultimate strength properties. It has a blend of Portland cement, graded aggregates and additives. B 31 is versatile and can be prepared to be of flowable or pumpable consistency by adding the required amount of clean water.


• High early strength: ideal for quick turn-around of subsequent works
• Controlled expansion ensures rigid bond between base plate & concrete foundation.
• Versatile: can be prepared to be of flowable or pumpable consistency.
• Chloride free & non-corrosive
• Very high ultimate compressive strength
• Grouting up to 120mm thickness


Approximately 12.0 litres for 25 kg bag + 3.25 litres water

Pack size

25 kg

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