Decorative Flooring Toppings


Decorative Flooring Toppings by panDOMO®

It’s no secret that tiles and natural stone flooring are the most popular flooring options right now. The floor is bound to be the busiest part with people coming in and out and needing to bearing the weight of all your furniture and belongings, floor will be under constant pressure and stress. That is why the choice of flooring has to be suitable for your needs.

The following information will be useful to understand the different floor finishes.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a great choice, it has a timeless beauty that is still difficult to imitate, and is highly unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. Hardwood flooring is also versatile, coming in a variety of shades and grains, ensuring that each hardwood floor will have its unique characteristics.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is another popular choice. Tiles are pretty much maintenance free and do not require sealing. They are also very hard wearing and suitable for areas with a lot of traffic and activity. large format tiles offer greater uniformity and continuity in finished spaces and minimized joints for aesthetic and hygienic benefits.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an ingenious development that has emerged as a result of intense focus on improvement over the last few decades.

There are two types of laminate flooring: engineered wood and plastic. Engineered wood is made of multiple layers of real wood, glued together in a way that ensures better stability, and topped with a thin hardwood finish layer. Plastic laminate is made of multiple layers of artificial materials (melamine, fiberboard, woodgrain print, and hard clear plastic).

Engineered wood provides a more natural look, but it comes at a higher price tag. It is also less hardwearing than plastic laminate due to its thin top layer. Conversely, plastic laminate is highly durable and suitable for heavy traffic areas. The top coat is literally tough, and the woodgrain prints have become very realistic.

Decorative Concrete Topping

Homeowners, corporate offices, showrooms are choosing decorated concrete toppings for their floor finish because of the competitive advantage over other types of floor coverings.

Decorative Concrete Toppings are completely customizable and provide a great alternative to traditional flooring such as linoleum, carpet, wood, tile, stone or marble. Color choices, textures, patterns and finish options combine for limitless design possibilities.


Pandomo® flooring

ARDEX ENDURA provides pandomo® range of flooring in segment called Decorative Finishes:

panDOMO® Floor – Floor finishes with creative flooring in a virtually infinite range of colours and designs, Fast drying, applicable at thicknesses of from 5 to 10 mm with flow properties, Self-levelling (White powder with special cements, good dispersible synthetic substances, selected fillers and mixed with water), crack-free even in thick layers, can be pumped for fast application, soon walkable & load –bearing decorative – signature design flooring.


panDOMO® Terrazzo – Floor finishes with elegant floor design in the classic terrazzo style – For creating decorative, mineral-based floors that are rapidly usable as an insulating layers, separating layers and as a bonded screed system. Crack free – controlled-dimension binder system = virtually no shrinkage and very low tension during hardening and drying. Walkable after just 12 hours and grind-able after 36 hours provides polished floor.


After having aesthetic floor, why not to have colorful wall and ceiling? To fill the entire room with beauty, ARDEX provides panDOMO® Wall – Wall finishes and Celling finishes with seamless wall surfaces fully customized to individual requirements with favorite colors for wall and ceilings.



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Decorative Flooring Toppings

Decorative Flooring Toppings by panDOMO®

Decorative Flooring Toppings
Decorative Flooring Toppings by panDOMO®