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E 160

Integral waterproofing liquid for concrete and mortar


E 160 is a specially formulated integral cement waterproofing compound in liquid form which contains selected plasticizers, surface active agents and additives. It acts as a water reducing admixture for cement concrete and mortar. It enhances concrete cohesiveness, reduces segregation, and minimizes porosity and honey combing. It is more efficient compared to traditional powder water-proofers. E 160 is free flowing liquid which disperses evenly and easily in the water.


• Complies as per IS 2645-2003 Standards
• Improves the workability of concrete & cement mortar
• Improves the cohesiveness of concrete and cement mortar
• Good water reduction helps to improve durability
• Provides good surface finish
• Reduced segregation and helps to protect steel corrosion
• Minimizes shrinkage crack in cement plaster and concrete
• Minimizes the permeability and increases the waterproofing properties of concrete and cement mortar


200 ml for every 50 kg of cement


200ml, 1 litre, 5 litres, 20 litres & 200 litres

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