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Butynol 600


Roofing membrane


A synthetic rubber with properties which resist ageing from heat, sunlight and ozone. It has excellent gas impermeability and toughness and remains flexible at low temperatures.

Butynol is manufactured by combining the petroleum gases isobutylene and isoprene at the extremely low temperature of –100°C. Butynol is marketed by ARDEX ENDURA as a warranted roofing and tanking product and fixed by their trained and experienced approved Applicators.


In rolls of nominal 1.4 m width and 17.86 m long.

Gauges & Respective Weights

1.0mm black            nominal 30kg
1.5mm black            nominal 45kg
2.25mm black          nominal 32kg
1.2mm dove grey    nominal 30kg
1.5mm all colours    nominal 47kg

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