CL 11 Plus

Levelling & Smoothing compound


CL 11 Plus is a cost effective free flowing rapid hardening, levelling and smoothing compound designed to produce a smooth, flat surface when applied to hard, rigid sub-floors such as cement sand screeds, concrete, etc.

CL 11 Plus contains high quality synthetic resins, special cements and selected fillers so that, when mixed with water, it produces a free-flowing mortar with self-levelling properties. The mixed mortar can be applied from 3 mm upto a maximum thickness of 10mm in a single application retaining its free-flowing properties to provide excellent coverage and material economy.


  • Economical: Applicable from 3-10 mm in a single layer without time delays
  • Pumpable: highly fluid for fast installation
  • Self-smoothing: produces flat and absorbent surface for subsequent finishes
  • Excellent surface finish even in thinner layers
  • Walkable after 3 hours
  • Ready to receive floor coverings after 48 hours


Approx. 5 m² @ 3 mm thick and 1.5 m2 @ 10 mm thick

Pack size

25 kg