Concrete Surface Profile – Preparation

Preparation of surface for the application of floor coating /wall coating / flooring material is very important as the system durability and substantiality very much depends on the material bonding on to the surface. If surface is not prepared properly (porous, weak, smooth surface is not prepared), failure of the applied coating or topping tends to fail.

Since there are many products designed to fulfil the requirements as per the site conditions, they need to be applied at different thickness. So, one type of concrete surface preparation is not advisable and concrete needs to be prepared in different pattern of roughness to provide the mechanical key to the applied products. This holds good for floor, wall and ceilings depends on the thickness of the application of product as per manufacturer’s Technical Specification.

Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) is the measure of the cross-sectional view of concrete surface OR in normal language, it is the roughness of concrete surface, named with prefix of CSP with numbers ranging 1-9 (CSP 1, being the smoothest and CSP 9 being the roughest). Let us see the what kind of Concrete Surface Profile is to be prepared for what kind of product application:

Now, let us see what is the process to be adopted to achieve the respective Concrete Surface Profile:

Let us see, each individual CSP how to achieve, which machine can be used, and what thickness of the application is suitable.


Similarly, remaining CSP can be achieved by adopting medium or heavy process of scarifying / scabbing.

For more details on the process of surface preparation like: repairing the damaged portions, crack treatment, Honey comb / Potholes’ treatment, segregated concreted repair, visit to Surface Preparation For Industrial Flooring-blog.


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