R 21 CE

R 21 CE Plus

Self-Smoothing Epoxy Floor Topping (0.5 – 3.0mm)


R 21 CE is a high gloss, self-smoothing, fast cure, epoxy resin floor finish applied between 0.5 – 3.0 mm thickness. It combines outstanding wearing properties with chemical resistance and decorative finish. The added advantage of fast cure helps in quick refurbishing works and supports the remainder of the functions to continue ahead of schedule. Ideally suited in situations where a seamless, joint free finish is required and maximum cleanliness is essential.


  • Seamless: easily cleanable to maintain high standards of hygiene
    Fast cure: allows foot traffic within 8 hours
    Does not support growth of bacteria and fungus
    Tough & Hard wearing: durable with low maintenance cost
    Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and liquids
    Self-smoothing: provides a flat high gloss finish
    Suitable for use as topping on existing epoxy screed
    Food grade: CFTRI approved; confirms to the specifications as per U.S FDA 175.300
    Supplied in pre-measured packs for 0.5mm and 3mmthickness requirements
    Available in any standard RAL colours


0.5 mm Thickness                   Approx. 21 m²
1.0 mm Thickness                   Approx. 11.5 m²
2.0 mm Thickness                  Approx. 5.75 m²
3.0 mm Thickness                  Approx. 4.0 m²

Pack size

Pack Size 18.50 kg
Part A (Resin): 4.50 kgs
Part B (Hardener): 2.50 kgs
Part C (Filler): 11 kgs
Part D (pigment): 0.50 kgs