Be it industrial or commercial or public, it is quite obvious that no other surface in a building takes more abuse than floors


Regardless of the type of building, be it industrial or commercial or public, it is quite obvious that no other surface in a building takes more abuse than floors. Floors usually experiences impact, abrasion, chemical attack, and thermal shock. Concrete floors on its own, are not designed to take this continual abuse though they considerably form a strong matrix. These are the very reason why concrete needs appropriate protection regardless of where it’s located. The main purpose, of course, is to provide protection to the slab from deterioration or contamination, and also not to overlook, to provide some added benefit such as, wear and tear, antiskid, chemical resistance, easy maintenance, physical performance, aesthetics etc.

In any given scenario, the industry or environment of the floor to be used has to be analyzed to establish an appropriate recommendation of the flooring system to suit the required level of hygiene, abrasion and chemical resistance, working conditions, different substrate situations. Keeping all these points, ARDEX ENDURA has developed a wide range of floor solutions.





P 51

Concentrated water-based primer and bonding agent

P 82

Two-part water based epoxy primer and bonding agent

R 2 CE

Solvent free, low viscosity, two component epoxy primer

R 3 E

Solvent free, two component epoxy primer

R 8 CP

Polyurethane tack coat

R 140 CP

Three-component, solvent free polyurethane primer

A 3

Screed concentrate

A 37

Pre-bagged, proprietary screed cement

A 45

Rapid drying and hardening internal repair mortar

A 46

Rapid setting and hardening external repair mortar

CL 11

Commercial grade, self-levelling compound

K 15

Rapid drying self-levelling sub-floor smoothing compound

K 80

Rapid drying industrial topping/wearing surface

K 301

Fast setting resurfacing and levelling compound


Rapid drying patching and smoothing compound

FH 20

Non metallic floor hardener

R 21 CE

Self-smoothing epoxy floor topping (0.5 – 1.0mm)

R 24 CE

Self-smoothing epoxy floor underlay

R 25 CE

High gloss, self-smoothing epoxy floor finish (1 – 4 mm)

R 30 CE

Water based epoxy floor and wall coating

R 33 CE

Three component, trowel applied epoxy mortar

R 34 CE

Non-toxic epoxy coating for floors & walls

R 35 CE

Solvent free, high build epoxy floor coating

R 41 CE

Solvent based epoxy coating

R 100 CE

Heavy duty epoxy floor screed (3 – 10 mm)

R 213 CE

Epoxy modified cementitious self smoothing floor screed

R 625 CE

High performance, antistatic, epoxy flooring system

CPS 10 E

Epoxy based car park protection system for internal decks

R 10 CP

Polyurethane coving and wall render

R 11 CP

Two component, water based polyurethane floor and wall coating

R 15 CP

Low viscosity repair system and renovation coating for application to polyurethane floors

R 50 CP

Two-component modified urethane coating

R 69 CP

Two component, UV resistant, polyurethane coating

R 70 CP

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Floor Topping

R 71 CP

Self-smoothing epoxy polyurethane floor topping

R 90 CP

Heavy duty polyurethane screed


Polyurethane based car park protection system for internal decks

 CPS 30 ED

Polyurethane based, UV stable, car park protection system for external decks