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E 125

E 125

Acrylic copolymer based admixture, bonding agent and waterproof coating


E 125 is a modified acrylic copolymer liquid designed for use as a multi-purpose additive with cement to improve the bond strength, flexibility, workability, water resistance etc. E 125 acts an excellent bonding agent for all cement renders and concrete repair.

Pack size

1 litre, 5 litres & 20 litres


• Water resistant
• Improved flexibility and tensile strength, allowing mortars to be applied in thinner sections.
• Excellent bond with cementitious substrates
• Seals porosity of concrete surfaces
• Reduced water demand for equivalent workability.
• Excellent impermeability to water soluble chemicals and salts
• Resistance to penetration of chloride ions and carbon dioxide
• Water based: non toxic, safe to use, low odour & easy cleaning
• UV stable: Can be left exposed

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