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R 30 CE

R 30 CE

Water based epoxy floor and wall coating


R 30 CE is a two component, pigmented, water based epoxy coating which improves the chemical and mechanical properties when applied onto cementitious and concrete surfaces. It provides a dustproof, easily cleanable surface which is also resistant to penetration of oils and liquids. The cured film forms a waterproof barrier and is non-toxic.

R 30 CE is an ideal choice for floor and wall protection in wet process industries, where a dry substrate may be difficult or impossible to obtain. It can also be used as a final coating and sealer for epoxy floor screeds for improved durability.


Available in any standard RAL colour


• Solvent free, non tainting: suitable for use in food industry
• Moisture tolerant
• Water vapour permeable
• Excellent adhesion to cementitious substrates
• Seamless: dustproof, easily cleanable to maintain high standards of hygiene
• Supplied in pre-measured packs for ease of mixing and consistency at site


Approximately 30 m²/coat/pack

Pack size

4.60 kg

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