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R 34 CE

R 34 CE

Non-toxic epoxy coating for floors & walls


R 34 CE is a two component, non-toxic epoxy protective coating for use on cementitious & concrete surfaces. It provides a tough, hard wearing surface resistant to oil, chemical attack and bacterial growth. R 34 CE is solvent free and available in both pigmented & non-pigmented versions.


Available in any standard RAL colours and non-pigmented version for on-site blending of colour.


• Resistance to a range of chemicals and liquids
• Provides a glossy finish
• Suitable for concrete and mild steel substrates
• Easily cleanable to maintain high standards of hygiene
• Does not support growth of bacteria and fungus
• Odour: easy to apply
• Food grade: CFTRI approved; conforms to the specifications as per U.S FDA 175.300
• Supplied in pre-measured packs for ease of mixing and consistency at site


Approximately 40 m²/coat/kit @ 100 microns

Pack size

7 kg

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