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R 35 CE

Solvent free, high build epoxy floor coating


R 35 CE is a solvent free, high performance, epoxy floor coating available in both pigmented and non-pigmented versions. It combines outstanding wearing properties with chemical resistance and decorative finish. Ideally suited in situations where a seamless, joint free finish floor is required and maximum cleanliness is essential. R 35 CE can be applied between 400 – 500 microns thickness.


Available in any standard RAL colours and non-pigmented version for on-site blending of colour.


• Seamless: easily cleanable to maintain high standards of hygiene
• Tough & Hard wearing: durable with low maintenance cost
• Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and liquids
• Provides a high gloss finish
• Slip resistant finish possible with use of anti-slip aggregates in wet working areas and car parks
• Food grade: CFTRI approved; confirms to the specifications as per U.S FDA 175.300
• Supplied in pre-measured packs for ease of mixing and consistency at site


For smooth finish
Approximately 18 – 20 m²/coat/ kit @ 200 microns

For slip resistant finish
Approximately 15 – 17 m²/coat/ kit @ 250 microns

Pack size

6 kg