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R 41 CE

R 41 CE

Solvent based epoxy coating


R 41 CE is a solvent based, epoxy floor coating available in both pigmented and non-pigmented versions. It combines hard wearing properties with decorative finish ideally suited in situations where a seamless, joint free finish floor is required and maximum cleanliness is essential.

As a solvent-based system it is recommended that R 41 CE should not be applied where foodstuffs are being used, processed or stored.


Available in any standard RAL colours and non-pigmented version for on-site blending of colour.


• Hard wearing – durable with low maintenance costs
• Easily cleaned to maintain hygiene
• Provides gloss finish
• Economical and easily applied
• Good wear and abrasion resistance
• Good general chemical resistance
• Supplied in pre-measured packs for ease of mixing and consistency at site


Approximately 18 – 22 m²/kit/ 2 coats @ 200 microns WFT

Pack size

6 kg

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