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R 625 CE

R 625 CE

High performance, antistatic, conductive self-smoothening, epoxy flooring system


R 625 CE is a five component, self levelling; epoxy flooring system designed for situations where high degree of chemical and abrasion resistance is required along with electro-static conductive properties.


Available in a selected range of colours


• Static dissipative
• Hygienic: easy to clean and maintain
• Good abrasion resistance
• High chemical resistance
• Water-based & hence VOC compliant
• Fast setting
• Supplied in pre-measured packs for ease of mixing and consistency at site


R 625 CE Primer
Approximately 9.0 m²/coat/kit

R 625 CE Top Coat
Approximately 4.0 m²/pack @ 2mm thickness

Pack size

R 625 CE Primer
2.25 kg

R 625 CE Top Coat
14 kg

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