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WA 91

WA 91

Three part epoxy adhesive and grout


WA 91 is a high performance epoxy adhesive and grout that exhibits superior bond strength and chemical resistance. It is designed for fixing and grouting tiles and stones on metal or fiber glass surfaces. Also suitable for installation of natural stones and agglomerates that have a tendency to stain or warp when installed with water based adhesives.


Available in Grey and White.


• Non slump: Suitable for fixing tiles on vertical surfaces
• Resistant to chemicals and a variety of acids: Suitable for tiling in chemical prone areas
• Water impermeable: Protects moisture-sensitive substrates from water and moisture
• High mechanical strength and good adhesion
• Can be used in submerged conditions
• Capable of withstanding minor vibration movements
• Workable and easy to grout joint width from 2 to 10 mm


Approximately 1.73 m² at 1.5 mm bed thickness

Pack size

4.20 kg

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