WPM -5

WPM 3000 XC

Stick and Seal


WPM 3000 XC is a self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane that forms a total barrier against vapour and gases. It consist of a self-adhesive bituminous compound and is self-protected by reinforced aluminium film. The polyester reinforced aluminium makes the membrane resistant to work site traffic. This membrane, designed to act as a barrier to vapour and gases, features an outer aluminium film and can therefore be exposed directly to the sun.It is not affected at all by ageing, but is affected by contact with the ground because of the aluminium film which oxidizes when in contact with mites, fresh concrete, etc. WPM 3000 XC is suitable for all Roof Applications.


• Waterproof
• Self-Adhesive
• Cold applied without use of flames
• Total Vapour, Radon and Methane Gas Barrier
• Protected by reinforced aluminium film
• Excellent puncture resistance
• Resistant to UV rays
• Quick installation
• Installation does not require skilled personnel
• Elimination of risks deriving from the use of open flames
• Unaffected by environmental pollution and ozone
• Compatible with other waterproofing systems


Roll size – 1 m x 25  m
Roll thickness – 1.2 mm