A 3

Screed concentrate


A 3 is a screed concentrate made up of high quality additives and superior polymer to produce rapid usable screed for receiving floor coverings such as tiles/stones/cementitious self levelling compounds/resin coatings/textile floor coverings/parquet flooring. A 3 modified screed can be installed on interior and exterior floors as a bonded or unbounded screed.


• Early drying compared to traditional cement sand screed
• Reduced drying times: For bonded screed, tiles like ceramic can be laid after 24 hours using proprietary adhesive.
• After 7 days dry, it is ready to receive natural stones, textile floor coverings, parquet flooring and resin coatings.
• Walkable after 8 hours
• For interior and exterior use
• Easier spreading and working of the screed
• Longer smoothing and floating time
• No water curing is required but protection with PE-foil sheet recommended
• It is suitable as binder for screeds according to DIN 18560 and EN 13813


1:5 ratio – 6.90 m² @ 20 mm thickness
1:6 ratio – 7.70 m² @ 20 mm thickness
1:8 ratio – 9.60 m² @ 20 mm thickness

Pack size

500 gms