WPM 310

WPM 310

Elastomeric, UV stable, flexible external facade coating


WPM 310 is a tough, UV stable, flexible liquid applied waterproofing membrane with a high Solar Reflectance. It provides excellent heat insulation and energy efficiency of the building, drastically cutting the costs associated with the use of air conditioning.

WPM 310 can be applied as an aesthetically attractive textured or semi-smooth finish for the exposed walls and is available in a range of standard colours.


• For green building as its application gives required credit points
• Flexible – accommodates normal building movement.
• Reflects the intense solar heat with an Solar ReflectanceIndex (SRI) of 100%*
• Provides excellent UV resistance and long term protection from elements.
• Excellent workability – easy, quick to apply.
• Decorative – choice of colours.
• Water based – safe to use, low odour and easy cleaning
• Cost effective, with long-term savings and short payback period
• Naturally Fungi retardant
• Savings in energy / electricity costs


Approximately 24 m² in 2 coats @ 300 microns DFT

Pack size

15 litres