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WPM 810

WPM 810

Elastomeric, single component, polyurethane based cold liquid applied waterproofing membrane


WPM 810 is a single component; high performance polyurethane based cold applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane. WPM 810 exhibits high elasticity, excellent bond and low water permeability and makes it ideal for a wide range of waterproofing applications. The cured membrane forms an elastic, seamless, waterproof coating with good crack-bridging properties.


• Non Toxic: eco friendly coating
• Seamless cold-applied membrane: eliminates lapping, seaming, and pre-cutting
• Highly flexible: can accommodate movements and vibrations
• Root Resistant
• Outstanding barrier properties: ensures protection against corrosive soil conditions
• Thermally stable: irreversible chemical cure, eliminates melting and flow at high temperature
• Excellent adhesion to concrete substrates
• Excellent resistance to oxidation
• Good chemical resistance to most weak acids and alkali, water borne salts and sea water


Approximately 18 m² @ 1mm

Pack size

20 kg

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