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R 71 CP

R 71 CP

Self-Smoothing Epoxy Polyurethane Floor Topping


R 71 CP is a specialist applied, 1mm thick self-smoothing epoxy polyurethane resin floor finish combining outstanding wearing properties with chemical resistance and decorative properties. Ideally suited in areas where a seamless, joint free finish is required and maximum cleanliness is essential. Laboratories, clean rooms, and general light industry are just some of the environments that can benefit from this system.


Available to any standard RAL colour


• 1 mm thick, smooth, tough, hard wearing, durable with low maintenance costs
• Good abrasion resistance. Withstands foot and vehicular traffic
• Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and liquids
• Seamless – easily cleaned to maintain high standards of hygiene
• Self-smoothing properties provide a flat high gloss finish
• Hygienic


Approximately 10 m² @ 1 mm thickness

Pack size

15 kg

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