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WPM 309

WPM 309

Elastomeric, external facade & roof coating


WPM 309 is a single component; tough, UV resistant; acrylic based highly elastomeric waterproof coating for exterior walls and roofs. WPM 309 exhibits high elasticity, excellent bond and forms a film of exceptional strength and flexibility that prevents peeling, fungi/algae growth, future cracks and water seepage. The cured membrane has good crack-bridging properties.


• Highly flexible: can bridge existing cracks (up to 0.5 mm) and prevents future cracks with absolute finality.
• Good elasticity and resilience for substrate’s thermal expansion and contraction
• Provides good UV resistance
• Microbial resistance: provides long term protection from fungi / algae growth
• Microporous: Breathability for preventing moisture
• Can be applied on damp surfaces
• Excellent resistance to alkali
• Resistance to chalking and flaking.


Approximately 4.0 m²/litre in 2 coats @ 110 microns DFT

Pack size

20 litres

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